5 of the Best European Cities for Starting Your Business & Why



Many countries in northern and central Europe seems to be overwhelmingly dominating the global market. This means that it is best and a conducive place to start up and grow your business. Combination of these countries in Europe comprises of the 85% of the total global domestic product according to World bank report 2017. The article will discuss top five best European cities that are suitable for a business person to invest.


  1. London City

The city is made of founders who generate best opportunities for the raising capital, top talented universities and enjoys a natural peak of the established technological ecosystem. It was recently named as the best European city for starting up digital entrepreneurship, and this has been maintained to date. It is not a wonder to hear that, the UK is already leading other European countries investments with about 5 billion pounds.


Businesses at the city enjoy generous tax incentives from the government, relaxed visa conditions as well as a flurry of venture capital activities. For several years now, UK has been attracting more than 35% of the total European VC funds to help the business grow in the cities and London is one of these cities. London is a global force in technology, and you can easily unlock your full business potential in it.


  1. Berlin


Do you know that this city is metropolitan? You don’t have to necessarily speak German for you to feel at peace in the city. It is a melting pot of different cultures languages and nationalities. The reason why you can consider investing in this city s that, it is a vibrant multicultural startup scene. Germany has already made it very easy for you to get universal and international business visa. This is a great advantage for tech startups. The city also offers a diverse mix of music, art, and technology.


  1. Amsterdam


It is a unique city that has already caught the attention of aggressive entrepreneurs such as Uber and Netflix. The city offers starters with some fantastic world tech accelerators and incubators that include startup boot camp and rock Start. This sponsored program provides tech startups with insight and direction to see a young business growing.


  1. Barcelona


It was ranked the top among the world’s leading smart cities. It has world-class universities and other institutions. Due to this, it has been able to attract a variety of international technology talents which is a big boost to the local businesses. The quality of life in this city is affordable as rent is very low, transportation cost very cheap and nightlife is always active. The most famous startups that have never disappointed is e-commerce, enterprise, and mobile businesses.


  1. Paris


The French city whose easy meat sauce for pasta has yet to be beaten,  has emerged as a hub for business growth in a way that no one would have never thought before. The city has a support visa program to help boost the new growth businesses. The government has already begun eliminating wealth tax on new investments as well as reducing their capital gains.


With all the details illustrated above, you have every reason to consider investing in any of the top five European cities.